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Coffee & Beverages

Wake Me Up!

  • Hot Coffees

    • ​Brewed

    • Espresso & Espresso Drinks

  • Iced Coffees

    • Brewed Iced Coffee​​

    • Cold Brewed Iced Coffee

    • Frappe, & Espresso Iced Drinks

  • Hot Teas

    • Brewed (Caffeinated ​& Non-Caffeinated)

  • Iced Teas

    • Brewed (Caffeinated ​& Non-Caffeinated)​

    • Citrus Herbal Sparkling Teas

  • Specialty Drinks (served Hot & iced)

    • Matcha Latte & variants

    • Chai Latte & variants

  • Smoothies​

    • Fresh Fruit varieties 


Assorted Pastries

The perfect choice to complement morning coffee

  • Croissants​​

  • Danish

  • Scones​

  • Breakfast Buns

  • Savory Pastries


Breakfast Items

For a healthier start to the day

  • Classic Overnight Oats (Gluten Free) ​

    • served with handpicked toppings​

  • Yogurt Parfait (whole milk)

    • served with various fruit toppings​


Grab & Go sandwiches

(Pressed heated upon request)

Classic Caprese

Mozzarella, nut-free pesto, tomatoes, arugula, balsamic vinegar served on a French baguette.

Smoked Turkey

Smoked Turkey with butter, hummus, banana peppers, tomato, gruyere cheese, arugula on a french baguette

Hummus and Cucumber (Vegan)

Hummus, cucumber, roasted bell pepper, kalamata olives, chimichurri sauce pressed on french baguette.

Ham & Cheese

French smoked ham with butter and gruyere cheese on french baguette.

French Cubano

Smoked ham with whole grain mustard, pickles, tomato, gruyere cheese on french baguette

Baguette with Cheeses

Ice Fruit Popsicle

Green pop

Made with pineapple, banana and spinach this green pop will leave your taste buds refreshing

Red & yellow pop

A very tangy flavor of passion fruit complements juicy red strawberries

Red & white pop

For something simple and refreshing try our blood orange and peach ice pop

Yellow pop

If you like tropical flavors then you must try these. Sweet and delicious

Seasonal special

Ask the barista for our seasonal special

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