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2023 Bronxville Art Exposition

Event Details - Wednesday, Sept 27

Artists - 4:30pm Set up

  • Eligibility - Must have previously published or sold art or have experience teaching art

  • $10 registration fee to be paid prior to the event. Please register by emailing at xarupa@bxvlcoffeehouse.com

  • Bring your own supplies. Easel, paint, canvas and brushes etc.

  • An artist is free to choose mode and form of art

  • An artist is recommended to bring over 1-2 pieces of art to display for sale to interested buyers

    • Please use your own mode of payment for sales - i.e. Venmo, cash or check

    • All proceeds of sale will go to the artist directly.

  • Set up is at 4:30pm

  • Doors will be to public open at 6:30pm. You are free to continue to paint/draw/sculpt before live audience

Friends & Art Lovers - 6:30pm Doors open

  • $20 entry fee (Includes one drink + gratuity)

  • Enjoy Whistling Rail cocktails and support local artists

  • If you want to purchase art, please transact directly with the artist. All proceeds from the sale goes directly to an artist

Wednesday Art Series: Welcome
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